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To Lobby

Man kann bei mir den lohenrute nicht benutzen. Habe server 1.8.1 

Folgender fehler kommt in der Konsole: 

[17:48:13 INFO]: [LB] Enabling Lobby v1.1.6
[17:48:13 INFO]: [Lobby] Module JumpPads v1.0.5 loaded.
[17:48:13 INFO]: [Lobby] Module PVP v1.0.1 loaded.
[17:48:13 INFO]: [Lobby] Module Hide v1.0.5 loaded.
[17:48:14 ERROR]: [LB] Plugin Lobby v1.1.6 has failed to register events for class me.BukkitPVP.Lobby.Listener.InteractListener because org/bukkit/event/player/PlayerArmorStandManipulateEvent does not exist.

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