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In Skywars compete any number of teams or individual players against each other. They either try to search chests or mine ores. The goal is to be the last survivor.


In SurvivalGames any number of players fight in an arena against each other. Players try to acquire items and weapons from chests and kill each other. The last surviving player wins the game. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode a very unique feel.

What are the functions of Hide?

The Hide module belongs to the lobby plugin and inserts a new item to the hotbar. This opens a menu by allowing players to view or hide different game groups. This makes it easier for the player to get an overview. You can choose between "Show all players", "Show only VIPs" and "Hide all players". The selection of the player is retained even after a server reboot.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/lb hideOpens the Hide-Menu
lb.hide.vipSets the player as VIP