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In Music Party it is about recognizing songs in a certain time and clicking the correct name. If the correct song is selected, the player gets a reward.


In GunGame, it is about eliminating as many players as possible, leveling up and not dying. For each killed player you get a level up and at the death you lose all.

What is PointsAPI?

With PointsAPI it is possible to create a points system on the Minecraft server. Each player has a certain number of points, for example, by winning a minigame. The current amount of points can also be displayed before the user name in the chat. The data can either be stored in a simple file, or in a MySQL database. Thus on many different servers the points of the players are always the same.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/pa helpShows all commands
/paShows important information
/pa remove [player] [amount]pa.manageRemoves points from a player
/pa add [player] [amount]pa.manageAdds Points to a player
/pa set [player] [amount]pa.manageSets the amount of points of a player
/pa see [player]pa.manageShows the amount of points of a player
/pointspa.pointsShows the own points

Which Plugins are integrated in PointsAPI?

VaultPointsAPI is regarded by Vault as Economy plugin

In which plugins is PointsAPI integrated?

AuraPoints for winning and eliminating a player
BedwarsPoints for winning, breaking a bed and for getting achievements
BossShopShop-Plugins for items
CTSNCServer-system for scoreboard, tablist, nametag, chat and more
DiawarsPoints for winning and eliminating a player
EnderwarPoints for winning, eliminating a player and shopping in the shop
FastGamesPoints for winning a game
GunGamePoints for killing a player
Info-BoardDisplays the amount of points in a scoreboard
MasterBuildersPlugin for building competitions as minigame
MusicPartyPoints for guessing a song
NetworkManager AddonEdit points in the webinterface
RageGamesPoints for winning and eliminating a player
SkyfightersPoints for winning, killing a player and buying in the shop
SkywarsPoints for winning, killing a player and buying kits
SurvivalGamesPoints for winning, eliminating a player and shopping in the shop
YouTuber BoxPoints as payment for entering a box

How can I use PointsAPI as a developer?

PointsAPI points = (PointsAPI) Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("PointsAPI");
// Adding points
PointsAPI.addPoints(player, 1000);
// Removing points
PointsAPI.removePoints(player, 20);
// Show points
int i = PointsAPI.getPoints(player);
// Event for changing the amount of points
@EventHandler(priority = EventPriority.NORMAL)
public void onPointsChange(PointsChangeEvent e){
  // The player
  Player p = e.getPlayer();
  // New value
  int points = e.getPoints();
  // Cancel event