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In GunGame, it is about eliminating as many players as possible, leveling up and not dying. For each killed player you get a level up and at the death you lose all.

YouTuber Box

The Plugin YouTuber Box makes it possible to create small areas, which are specially made for screenshots with other players. Each player has a certain amount of time to take pictures with their favorite players.

What is the goal of SurvivalGames?

In SurvivalGames, any number of players fight in an arena. They try to collect items and weapons from crates and keep track of each other. The last surviving player wins the game. If the game takes too long, there will be a Deathmatch with all the players in a final fight. You can not remove blocks, except for a few exceptions. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode its own unique feel.

What are the functions of SurvivalGames?

The SurvivalGames plugin automates your unlimited number of arenas. A game is created in the simplest way with a setup menu. The breakable blocks such as leaves, melons, etc. will be automatically reset after the game, so the map is always like new. Also, chests are automatically filled with random items. During the game, points can be collected which can be used in the shop to buy, for example the Death chest, or items from other games on With the donation function it is possible for the players in the spectator mode to to send items to players in the game. With the hologram, players can view their stats without even typing a single command. SurvivalGames is translated into German, English, Romanian and Spanish and other languages will follow soon! Each player can set the most important settings in his own settings. If SurvivalGames is installed on several servers simultaneously, the plugin supports BungeeCord and MySQL.

Which types of SurvivalGames are there?

Normal SurvivalGames

In normal Survival Games, players have a short protection time after the start, where they can collect resources and are invulnerable.

Quick SurvivalGames

In Quick SurvivalGames is no protection time, so you can attack immediately. On a smaller map, games last only a few minutes.

Team SurvivalGames

In Team SurvivalGames, each player can select a tampartner to play with. Team members can not injure themselves and can win a round together.

Lucky SurvivalGames

In Lucky SurvivalGames, you can place sponges on the map. Everytimes someone clicks it, it happens a good or bad event. With a small chance you can even get the jackpot.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/sgShows all commands
sg.cmdAllows to execute commands during a game
/sg remove [game]sg.createRemoves a game
/sg create [name]sg.createCreates a new game
sg.donateAllows to use the donate-system
/sg settingssg.playOpens the playersettings
/sg leavesg.playLeave the game
/sg join [game]sg.playJoin a game
/sg villagersg.setupGives the player a spawnegg for the SG-Shop
/sg setdeathmatch [game]sg.setupSets a location for the deatmatch
/sg setholo [game]sg.setupSets the stats-hologram for the lobby
/sg setlobby [game]sg.setupSets the lobby
/sg addspawn [game]sg.setupAdds a new spawn location
/sg setup [game]sg.setupOpens the setup-menu of a game
/sg start [game]sg.startStarts a game
/sg statssg.statsShows the own stats
/sg stats [player]sg.stats.othersShows the stats of another player
sg.vipAllows to join full games
/achievementsOpens the achievments-menu
/fixsg.playFixes invisible players
/pingsg.playShows the own ping
/settingssg.playOpens the playersettings
/hubsg.playLeave the game
/leavesg.playLeave the game
/startsg.startStarts the current game
/statssg.statsShows the own stats
/stats [player]sg.stats.othersShows the stats of another player

Bold commands can only be executed in the arena!

Which Plugins are integrated in SurvivalGames?

NoteBlockAPIPlugin for playing the fight music
PlayerPointsPoints-Plugin for rewards and shop
PointsAPIPoints-Plugin for rewards and shop
VIPHidePlugin for the Nick-function of VIPs

How can I create a game?

  1. First you need to build a map on your server.
  2. Now you can create a game using /sg create [name].
  3. The setup menu is opened with /sg setup [game].
  4. There you can set the maximum number of players and how many players are required for the game to start.
  5. Now you can set the type of the game and turn the donation function on or off.
  6. Next, you have to set each spawn point in the map one after the other with /sg addspawn [name].
  7. Then add locations for the final deathmatch with /sg setdeathmatch [name].
  8. The next step is to set the waiting lobby using /sg setlobby [name].
  9. Finally, you can optionally add a hologram in the waiting lobby with /sg setholo [name].
  10. By opening the setup menu with /sg setup [name] you can check each step again.
  11. To create a sign, write in the first line [sg] and in the second line the name of the game.

How do I create a new song for the battle music?

  1. To create .nbs files, you need a program called Note Block Studio.
  2. After you installed it, you can import .midi files into the program
  3. After the song has been adapted, you can give the song a title, by clicking on Settings > Song properties....
  4. Now you can use File > Save Song to save the song and move it into the music folder.