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In SurvivalGames any number of players fight in an arena against each other. Players try to acquire items and weapons from chests and kill each other. The last surviving player wins the game. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode a very unique feel.


Glide through the air and shoot your enemies from the sky! The goal is to kill as many enemies as possible with your own team. Different weapons and extras help you!

What are the functions of Speed?

The speed-module is part of the Lobby-Plugin and adds a feather to the hotbar. When using the item, the player gets the speed effect in configurable power. When clicking the item again, the effect will be removed.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/lb speedlb.speedEnables or disables the effect

How do I change the strength of the effect?

To do this, go to the config.yml of the lobby plugin (/plugins/Lobby/config.yml) and set the variable 'speed:' to the strength you want to set.