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In SurvivalGames any number of players fight in an arena against each other. Players try to acquire items and weapons from chests and kill each other. The last surviving player wins the game. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode a very unique feel.


In Zombies 2 teams, the humans and the zombies, compete against each other in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies try to infect all humans and these try to create a cure. Will the zombies extinguish the world or will the humans survive in the end?

What are the functions of Skyfighters?

Test Skyfighters on!

The Skyfighters plugin gives you an indescribable feel. In addition to unique flight mechanics, a special combat system is also integrated. Colored arrows and players make the fighting sky look as if you were in a giant air battle full of colored bullets, action and fun. The special touch is given by the extras, like protective shields, speed and airmines, as well as target missiles, which track the enemy mercilessly. Skyfighters is easy to set up with the setup menu. There are also a variety of settings. With the tournament function, you can create server-wide tournaments in which teams can fight for victory. In the shop, players can spend won points for weapons and effects. In addition, the plugin supports world borders, MySQL, BungeeCord, statistics and even tournaments.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/sf remove [game]sf.adminRemove a game
/sf setborder [game] [radius]sf.adminCreate a worldborder
/sf top [direction]sf.adminCreate a Top10-wall
/sf setup (game)sf.adminOpen the setup menu
/sf add [game]sf.adminAdd a game
/sf reloadsf.adminReload the configurations
/sf packsf.playerActivates/Deactivates the resourcepack for himself
/lbsf.playerLeave the game
/sf shopsf.playerOpen the shop
/sf stats (player)sf.playerLookup the stats
/sf leavesf.playerLeave the game
/sf join (game)sf.playerJoin a game
/sf builder [game] [builder]sf.setupSet the builder of the map
/sf team [Spiel] [team-id] [teamname]sf.setupSet the name of a team
/sf listsf.staffList all games
/sf start (game)sf.staff.startStart a game
/sf stop (game)sf.staff.stopStop a game
/sf tournamentsf.tournamentOpens the tournament menu
sf.vipAllows the player to join full games
/pingLookup your ping
/fixFix invisible players
/achievementsOpen the achievement menu
/packsf.playerActivates/Deactivates the resourcepack for himself
/lobbysf.playerLeave the game
/hubsf.playerLeave the game
/lsf.playerLeave the game
/leavesf.playerLeave the game
/stats (player)sf.playerLookup the stats
/shopsf.playerOpen the shop
/startsf.staff.startStart a game
/stopsf.staff.stopStop a game

Bold commands can only be executed in the arena!

Which Plugins are integrated in Skyfighters?

MusicPartyFor playing in the waiting lobby
PointsAPIPoints-Plugin for rewards
VIPHidePlugin to rename into another player

How can I create a game?

  1. Fist, you need a map to play Skyfighters.
  2. Then create a game with /sf add [game].
  3. Open the setup menu with /sf setup. There you can configure the game and set the teams.
  4. If needed, a Top10-wall can be created in the lobby with /sf top [direction].
  5. You can set the builder of the map using /sf builder [game] [builder].
  6. Optionally you can set a world border. Stay in the middle of the map and type /sf border [game] [radius].