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In Zombies 2 teams, the humans and the zombies, compete against each other in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies try to infect all humans and these try to create a cure. Will the zombies extinguish the world or will the humans survive in the end?


With the speed module, a configurable speed boost can be granted in the lobby. A simple click on the feather is enough to enable or disable it.

What are the functions of Shield?

The Shield module is part of the Lobby Plugin and allows certain game groups to have a shield in the lobby. An item is added to each user in the Settings menu to change the type of shield. Either players can be pushed away or made invisible nearby.

Which types of Shield are there?


In invisibility mode, nearby player will be made invisible. These will be visible again when they leave the player's radius.


If the pushing-away mode is active, players are simply pushed away.

Which commands and permissions are there?

lb.shield.bypassShields don't work on players with that permission
/lb shieldlb.shield.useActivates or deactivates the shield