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In Skywars compete any number of teams or individual players against each other. They either try to search chests or mine ores. The goal is to be the last survivor.


In SurvivalGames any number of players fight in an arena against each other. Players try to acquire items and weapons from chests and kill each other. The last surviving player wins the game. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode a very unique feel.

What is the goal of RageGames?

RageGames is a very fast and hectic game. You start with 3 items: a bow, a knife and a throwing axe. Shot arrows will explode after a few seconds, the knife immediately eliminates the opponent and you can throw the axe at the other players. The goal is to use these weapons during the game to collect points by eliminating other players and trying to stay alive.

What are the functions of RageGames?

The plugin automates the entire game! Once created you can play it as much as you like. It is possible to create an infinite number of games that everyone can play and no one has to wait. A ScoreBoard shows the players with the most points and the effects create a unique player experience! By supporting PointsAPI earned points can also be used other games like EnderWar, SurvivalGames and more.

Which commands and permissions are there?

rm.cmdAllows to execute commands in the game
/rg start (game)rm.manageStarts a game
/rg reloadrm.manageReloads the config
/rg stop (game)rm.manageStops a game
/rg leaverm.playLeave a game
/rg join [game]rm.playJoin a game
/rg top [NORTH|EAST|SOUTH|WEST]rm.setupCreates a Top10 wall
/rg setholo [game]rm.setupSets the hologram for the lobby
/rg removespawn [game] [id]rm.setupRemoves a spawn
/rg addspawn [game]rm.setupAdds a spawn
/rg setlobby [game]rm.setupSets the lobby
/rg remove [game]rm.setupRemoves a game
/rg add [game]rm.setupAdds a game
/rg stats (player)rm.stats(.others)Shows the statistics
rm.vipAllows joining in full games
/stoprm.manageStops the current game
/startrm.manageStarts the current game
/leave /l /hub /lobby /lbrm.playLeave the current game
/pingrm.playShows the current ping
/fixrm.playFixes invisible players

Bold commands can only be executed in the arena!

Which Plugins are integrated in RageGames?

PointsAPIPoints-Plugin for rewards
VIPHidePlugin to rename into another player

How can I create a game?

  1. First, you need a map, of course. If you have it installed on your server, you can start.
  2. Now is the time to create the game. Use /rm add [game name] [number of players] to create a new game.
  3. Then you have to set the lobby with /rm setlobby [game] where the players are waiting for the start.
  4. Next, set the spawns. Add as many spawns as you want with /rm addspawn [game]. The more spawns you have, the less players can be intercepted and eliminated directly at the spawn.
  5. A sign for joining can be created by writing to [rg] in the first line name of the game in the 2nd line.
  6. Optionally, you can add a hologram with /rg seholo [game].
  7. At last you can create a Top10 wall with /rg top [NORTH|SOUTH|WEST|EAST].