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In Zombies 2 teams, the humans and the zombies, compete against each other in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies try to infect all humans and these try to create a cure. Will the zombies extinguish the world or will the humans survive in the end?


In Skywars compete any number of teams or individual players against each other. They either try to search chests or mine ores. The goal is to be the last survivor.

What is OldCombat?

OldCombat allows server owners to upgrade the server to the latest version without problems. It returns the old combat system of the 1.8, so that the new features such as elytras, shields, effects and more can be used without having to use the new combat system.

What are the functions of OldCombat?

In the config.yml of the plugin, all controversial PvP-related functions can be deactivated. By deactivating the Left Hand you can only use the right hand, as in the 1.8. The second hand can not be used either through the button or through the inventory. The attack delay is also reset to 1.8. You do not have to wait until you can hit your opponent and you can fight as usual. If you miss the blocking with the sword, a suitable replacement can be activated by the plugin.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/oc infooc.infoShows general information
/oc reloadoc.reloadReloads the configuration

How do I controll the left hand?

  1. Open the /plugins/OldCombat/config.yml
  2. To activate the left hand, set the value of offhand totrue. To deactivate it, set the value to false

How do I controll the attack delay?

  1. Open the /plugins/OldCombat/config.yml
  2. To activate the attack delay, set the value of hit-delay totrue. To deactivate it, set the value to false

How do I control the sword blocking?

  • Open the /plugins/OldCombat/config.yml
  • To activate sword blocking, set the value of sword-blocking to true. To deactivate it, set the value to false