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YouTuber Box

The Plugin YouTuber Box makes it possible to create small areas, which are specially made for screenshots with other players. Each player has a certain amount of time to take pictures with their favorite players.


Glide through the air and shoot your enemies from the sky! The goal is to kill as many enemies as possible with your own team. Different weapons and extras help you!

What is the goal of MusicParty?

In MusicParty it is about recognizing songs in a certain time and clicking the correct name. If the correct song is selected, the player gets a reward. In the case of a wrong song, even points can be deducted. You can add as many songs as you like, which can be guessed by the players.

What are the functions of MusicParty?

The plugin automates MusicParty completely and it can be played by as many players as possible in only one game. It can even be joined during a running song. The player then simply waits until the next song starts. During the game the player can safely do other things and only once the song has to be selected. Even after the first selection, the player can easily change its solution. The random generator makes a lot of variety, especially for many songs. MusicParty is also written very efficient, so there will not be any lags caused by the plugin. MySQL is used to keep statistics on different servers up-to-date.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/mpShows all commands
/mp leavemp.joinLeave the game
/mp joinmp.joinJoin the game
/mp reloadmp.reloadReloads the songs and the configuration
/mp stats [player]mp.statsShows the statistics

Which Plugins are required?


Which Plugins are integrated in MusicParty?

PlayerPointsPlayerPoints gives players points for winning or defeating a player
PointsAPIPointsAPI allows players to win or lose points

How can I create a game?

  1. First, NoteBlockAPI has to be installed and at least 5 .nbs songs are required in the songs folder.
  2. After this, only a reload of the music files with /mp reload is missing and the game can start.

How do I create a new song for MusicParty?

  1. To create .nbs files, you need a program called Note Block Studio.
  2. After you installed it, you can import .midi files into the program
  3. After the song has been adapted, you can give the song a title, by clicking on Settings > Song properties....
  4. Now you can use File > Save Song to save the song and move it into the songs folder.