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In Music Party it is about recognizing songs in a certain time and clicking the correct name. If the correct song is selected, the player gets a reward.


In GunGame, it is about eliminating as many players as possible, leveling up and not dying. For each killed player you get a level up and at the death you lose all.

What are the functions of MenuTP?

The ModuleTP module belongs to the Lobby Plugin and adds a compass to the hotbar. This makes it possible to teleport to different teleport points. The inventory is sorted automatically so that the items are always arranged appropriately. Also, adding a new teleport point is controlled by a simple inventory.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/lb tpsOpens the teleportmenu
/lb addpermtp [name] [permission]lb.managetpAdds a permission to a teleport location
/lb removetp [name]lb.managetpRemoves a teleport point
/lb addtp [name]lb.managetpAdds a teleport point at the current location

How do I add a new teleport location?

  1. First you place yourself at the position where the location should be later
  2. Then you can take and edit any item that will later be the item in the inventory.
  3. Lastly, enter /lb addtp [name] and drag and drop the item on the spot in the middle. Note that you have to be in creative mode.

What features will appear in the near future?

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