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In Zombies 2 teams, the humans and the zombies, compete against each other in a zombie apocalypse. The zombies try to infect all humans and these try to create a cure. Will the zombies extinguish the world or will the humans survive in the end?


In SurvivalGames any number of players fight in an arena against each other. Players try to acquire items and weapons from chests and kill each other. The last surviving player wins the game. The different types of SurvivalGames give each mode a very unique feel.

What is the goal of GunGame?

In GunGame, it is about eliminating as many players as possible, level up and not to die. For each killed player you get a level up and at the death you lose all. It is possible to get different items at each level to be the the ultimate player. A player can join the game at any time, as the game is endlessly long.

What are the functions of GunGame?

GunGame is easy to set up and use. Simple commands allow easy handling of the plugin. In the configuration it is possible to activate numerous features. The item menu is the easy way to set the level reward. In addition, automatic damage can be switched on or off in the water. The levels and the inventory are automatically saved and are still available after a reboot of the server. With signs you can easily join a game and shortcuts allow to leave this again without any circumstances. It is possible to create an unlimited number of arenas to play in order to allow for variety when fighting. The advanced language system automatically adjusts each message to match the language of the player. With MySQL and BungeeCord, GunGame is also usable on multiple servers.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/gg stats (player)Shows the statistics
/ggShows all commands
gg.cmdAllows to execute commands in the arena
/gg leavegg.playLeave the game
/gg joingg.playJoin a game
/gg reloadgg.reloadReloads the configuration
/gg itemsgg.setupEdits the items
/gg removespawn [arena]gg.setupRemoves the spawn of an arena
/gg setspawn [arena]gg.setupSets the spawn of an arena
/stats (player)Shows the statistics
/spawnLeaves a game
/leaveLeaves a game
/lbLeaves a game
/lLeaves a game
/hubLeaves a game

Bold commands can only be executed in the arena!

Which Plugins are integrated in GunGame?

PlayerPointsPoints-Plugin for rewards
PointsAPIPoints-Plugin for rewards
VaultMoney-Plugin for rewards

How can I create a game?

  1. First, you setup the itemrewards for each level with /gg items
  2. Now you set the spawn of an arena with /gg setspawn
  3. Now you can create a sign to join an arena. You just need to type [gg] into the first line. The other lines are freely selectable.