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YouTuber Box

The Plugin YouTuber Box makes it possible to create small areas, which are specially made for screenshots with other players. Each player has a certain amount of time to take pictures with their favorite players.


Glide through the air and shoot your enemies from the sky! The goal is to kill as many enemies as possible with your own team. Different weapons and extras help you!

What is the goal of Diawars?

In Diawars, you must craft a certain number of diamond blocks and place them in designated positions. This goal is pursued by up to 4 teams which can eliminate each other. After a death, you can simply respawn and continue to play until the end of the game. Furthermore, you have to collect iron, gold and diamonds to buy blocks and items in the villagers' shop and make diamond blocks. After a team has set all diamond blocks, the other teams can still try to destroy them for 60 seconds. If this does not happen, the team wins.

What are the functions of Diawars?

The Diawars plugin automates the process of the game perfectly. The lobby contains a statistics hologram, a scoreboard shows the current status in the game, and the villagers' shop is automatically created by the plugin and is completely changeable in a settings file. Furthermore, iron ingots, gold ingots and diamonds spawn through the plugin, and it automatically detects if a team has set all diamond blocks to win. Furthermore, it is prevented that they can be dismantled by players of their own team. In addition, the plugin is completely adjustable and even the teams can be changed. Through the "Title Feature" of version 1.8, current messages are displayed directly on the player's screen. Statistics provide information about won games, kills and deaths, and placed diamond blocks. After the game, the entire map is completely reset by Diawars. Furthermore, the plugin is automatically translated into several languages, which adapt to the Minecraft language.

Which commands and permissions are there?

dw.leaveLeave the game
/dwShows important information
/dw setteam [game] [team]da.setteamSets the spawn of a team
/dw add [game]dw.addAdds a game
/dw adddia [game]dw.adddiaAdds a diamondblock
/dw addspawner [game] iron|gold|diadw.addspawnerAdds an itemspawner
/dw join [game]dw.joinJoin a game
/dw listdw.listLists every game and shows the status colored
/dw reloaddw.reloadReloads the configuration
/dw remove [game]dw.removeRemoves a game
/dw setholo [game]dw.setholoSets the statistic-hologram for the lobby
/dw setlobby [game]dw.setlobbySets the lobby of a game
/dw start [game]dw.startStarts a game
/dw statsdw.statsShows the own statistics
/dw stop [game]dw.stopStops a game

Which Plugins are integrated in Diawars?

PointsAPIPoints-Plugin for rewards
VaultMoney-Plugin for rewards
VIPHidePlugin to rename into another player

How can I create a game?

  1. First, you need a map, of course. If you have it installed on your server, you can start.
  2. Now is the time to create the game. Use /dw add [game name] to create a new game.
  3. Next, set the waiting lobby with /dw setlobby [game].
  4. If you want, you can add the hologram with /dw setholo [game].
  5. Now set the spawns of each team with /dw setteam [game] [team].
  6. Then add as many itemspaws as you want with /dw addspawner [game] iron | gold | dia.
  7. Now you must add at least 1 diamond block. Look at the diamond block, which players will have to replace later, and enter /dw adddia [game]. The block should now disappear.
  8. Now you can still check if the game is ready. If the game appears at /dw list in green, the game is ready.
  9. Finally, you can add a sign to join by writing [dw] in the first line and the game name in the second.