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In GunGame, it is about eliminating as many players as possible, leveling up and not dying. For each killed player you get a level up and at the death you lose all.


With the speed module, a configurable speed boost can be granted in the lobby. A simple click on the feather is enough to enable or disable it.

What is the goal of Bedwars?

The goal in Bedwars is to destroy the opposing beds and to eliminate the players. Up to 9 teams can play against each other in an arena. As long as the bed is still standing, you can simply respawn. Items will be spawned at item spawners which you can use in a Villager shop to buy blocks, weapons, and other items. You can build in the whole map free to get to the Islands.

What are the functions of Bedwars?

The Bedwars plugin automates every process throughout the game. Once set up, the administrator does not have to touch a finger. It is possible to create an infinite number of games on one server! During a round, the players get information about the number of players and the bed status in a practical Scoreboard. An advanced map reset automatically resets the card after each round and with signs it's easy to join the games. Also the itemspawners and villager shops are taken over by the plugin. For German Minecraft players, the plugin is automatically translated into German so that everything can be easily understood. MySQL and BungeeCord can be used to connect multiple servers. This also allows statistics and the player ranks to be displayed on a website and Achievements are the same on all connected servers.

Which commands and permissions are there?

/bw helpShows all commands
/bwShows important information
bw.cmdCommands can be executed in an arena
/bw list [game]bw.listLists all games
/bw leavebw.playLeave a game
/bw reloadbw.reloadReloads the configuration
/bw save [game]bw.setupSaves the map
/bw builder [game] (builder)bw.setupSet the builder of the game
/bw top [north|south|west|east]bw.setupCreate a Top10-wall
/bw setjoin [game] [team]bw.setupCreates a new team joiner
/bw setup (game)bw.setupOpens the setup menu
/bw add [name]bw.setupCreates a new game
/bw pos2bw.setupSets the second position
/bw pos1bw.setupSets the first position
/bw start [game]bw.startStarts a game
/bw statsbw.statsShows the own statistics
/bw stop [game]bw.stopStops a game
bw.vipAllows to join full games
vh.hideAccess to the Nick-Tool
/pingShows your ping
/fixFixes invisible players
/spawnbw.playLeave a game
/hubbw.playLeave a game
/lobbybw.playLeave a game
/lbbw.playLeave a game
/lbw.playLeave a game
/leavebw.playLeave a game
/stopbw.setupStop the game
/startbw.startStarts the game
/statsbw.statsShows the own statistics
/stats [player]bw.stats.othersShows the statistics of another player

Bold commands can only be executed in the arena!

Which Plugins are integrated in Bedwars?

MusicPartyPlay in the lobby
PlayerPointsPlayerPoints gives players points for winning or defeating players
PointsAPIPointsAPI gives players points for winning or defeating a player
VIPHideWith VIPHide, VIP players can turn into other players to avoid being recognized

How can I create a game?

  1. First, you need a map, of course. If you have it installed on your server, you can start.
  2. Now you have to set the two points of the game with /bw pos1 & /bw pos2 so that they form a cuboid.
  3. Now is the time to create the game. Use /bw add [game name] to create a new game.
  4. Now open the setup menu with /bw setup and select your game.
  5. Then you have to set the lobby in the setup menu. Select Lobby and click the nametag to set the lobby.
  6. If you want, you can now make entities to join teams. To do this, look at any entity (for example, an armorstand) and type /bw setjoin [game] [team].
  7. Next, you need to set the teams. Open the team area in the setup menu and activate any team by clicking on the wool. Set the spawns and the team bed with a click on the enderpearl and the bed. You can change the orientation of the bed with the compass.
  8. In the team area, you can also set the team size by adding or subtracting either 1 or 10. You can see the current team size by hovering over the book.
  9. In the general setting area, you can specify the number of players at which a game starts. It can only be between 2 and the maximum number of players.
  10. If you want to create an itemspawner, you can add it as often as you like in the itemspawner area by clicking on the brick, iron or goldblock. You can remove them by clicking on the ingot.
  11. A sign for joining can be created by writing to [bw] in the first line name of the game in the 2nd line.
  12. You can remove the game by clicking on the TNT in the setup menu.