Edit the shop

These instructions apply to version 2.6.3 and older. Here are the current instructions:

To edit the shop, you must first open the shop.yml in the plugin folder. There you can edit the content of the shop in the game, as well as add your own items.

The first level represents the different categories. If you would like to add another category, it is recommended to copy and paste an existing category. The id attribute is the item ID for the menu. For example, if you set this number to 1, this category is represented by a stone item. The name attribute specifies the name of this item. Here you can use the common color codes for color coding. The next attribute, lore, lets you set the subtitle of the item. A new indent stands here for another line. Again, color codes are possible.

The orders part of the configuration is a list of all purchasable items in this category. These are numbered in ascending order. If you want to add another here, it is recommended to copy an already existing configuration. The buy section defines the price of the item. At the type attribute, you can choose bronze, iron and gold. The number of items can be set at amount. The item to be sold is set in the sell section. The id is the material id of the purchased item. Also amount is the number of purchased items. Enchantments are stored in the ench section. In the individual list entries, the enchantment ID is followed by the strength. These are separated by a colon. Like the category item, you can specify the name of the purchased item.

It is recommended to create a backup copy of a working configuration and to test the settings at regular intervals.


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