Edit Bedwars shop

The Bedwars shop can be easily edited directly in Minecraft. Simply execute the command /bw shop. Here you can adjust the default shop to suit your needs.


The Bedwars shop is divided into different categories. These make it possible to subdivide the shop better and to make it clearer. If you open the shop editor with /bw shop, you will see an overview of all categories. Click on the category to edit it. If you click on the emerald on the right side of the menu, you can add a new category.

Add category

At the beginning you will be asked for an item that represents the category. Take it in your hand and write next in the chat. Then the menu for editing the category opens.

Edit category

In this menu you can edit the subject, name, description and content of the category. Click on the appropriate item and you will be guided through the process.


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