Displayname in chat

If the nickname of the player is not displayed correctly in the chat, this is probably due to an incorrect setting in the chatplugin. This article explains the necessary settings for the most used chatplugins.


If chat nicknames are not displayed, and the Essentials and EssentialsChat plugins are used, this error is due to an option in the Essentials configuration that is set to a default value that prevents VIPHide's nicknames from being displayed.

To solve the problem, the following steps must be followed:

  1. Open the config.yml file, which you can find at the following path, starting from the main directory of the server: \plugins\Essentials
  2. Change the value of change-displayname from true to false. This has the effect that the nicknames are displayed correctly, but no prefix and no colors are displayed on the name. This can be fixed with the following step.
  3. Down in the configuration, in the area of EssentialsChat, you can set various chat formats, depending on the rank, in group-formats. By default, this small area looks as follows:


Here you can now set up for each rank individually a chat format to which you can add not only prefixes, but also use variables (List: http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Chat_Formatting) and set the messages in color and font effects. Here would be a corresponding example:

After the configuration has been successfully saved and the server is started normally, the nicknames should now be displayed correctly and the chat format should be taken from the configuration of VIPHide.


If you have the problem that your nickname isn't displayed in chat even though you're nicked, it can be because you use an incorrect variable to display the name.
To solve the problem, please follow the instructions:

  1. Open the config.yml of ChatEx (/plugins/ChatEx/config.yml)
  2. Go to the section "global-message-format" and replace the variable "%player", which displays the playername, with "%displayname", which displays the current nickname.
  3. Save and close the config and reload ChatEx using /chatex reload

The nickname should now be displayed correctly and the chat-format from VIPHide should be used.


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