Change the order and layout of the hotbar

The Lobby plugin allows you to install any number of modules, some of which add items to the hotbar. In order to keep an overview, the Lobby plugin manages these items and creates several pages, if necessary. Different methods can be used to change the order or arrangement of the objects.

Change the order

By changing the order of the item, important objects can be moved forward or less important ones to a rear position. To change the position you should now

  1. Open the sort menu using /lobby sort öffnen.
  2. Then click on the gold block called Lobby.
  3. There you can now move the items as you wish, thus placing the list in the desired order. The sign at the beginning of the menu can be ignored.
  4. Now restart the server to apply the settings.

Change the layout

By changing the layout, you can determine in which slots the items will be placed. This can be used to customize the Lobby plugin according to your own wishes and give the players a better feeling of playing. The following steps should be considered if you want to change the layout of the hotbar:

  1. First, you should stop the server and open the file /plugins/Lobby/config.yml.
  2. There you can find the section layout.
  3. This section now contains sub-items with the numbers from 1 to 9. This number stands for the number of items a player has in his inventory and contains the list of positions for the items.

If you have 6 items in the inventory, the position of the items can be configured in the section layout.6. There you can change the 6 numbers in the list to the desired positions.


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