Connect to the game server using BungeeCord

Most of the plugins on Mine-Home support BungeeCord. BungeeCord allows the server owner to connect multiple Minecraft server with each other, between which the players can change.

However, the Mine-Home plugin manages only the game server and not the lobby server from which the players want to connect to the game server. Many server networks would like to have signs that can be clicked to allow the players to join the game. In order to achieve this, you must use on external plugins. These must point to the corresponding game server. An explanation of the setup can be found on the corresponding plugin page of the sign plugin.

The following plugins are recommended

BungeeSigns one Spigot

Teleport Signs one Spigot

How can the current game status be displayed on the sign?

This can be done easily via the MotD. In the config.yml of the Mine-Home plugin, the MotD can be set to %state% to display the current status. The sign plugin simply needs to display the MotD on the sign.


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