The plugin contains an advanced map reset which resets the map to the initial status. There are 3 integrated types of the resets, which have different advantages and disadvantages.

The world reset

With this method, the entire world will be reset. Depending on the size of the generated world, this process takes only a few seconds. The downside is that the world can only be used for a single game, as other games in the same world could be affected by the reset. To use this method of the reset, set the value reset: world in the config.yml.

The region reset

This type of reset is the most accurate method of reset. The larger the selected range, the longer the operation will take. In addition to a comparatively long duration, a server crash is possible with low-performance servers. A clear advantage is that multiple games can be created in a world without affecting one another. To use this method of the reset, set the value reset: area in config.yml.

The BlockLogger reset

This type of reset saves every destroyed and placed block in the game and resets it after the game. However, it may happen that not all events can be saved. These include for example Pistons, falling sand or Redstone circuits. o use this method of the reset, set the value reset: blocklogger in the config.yml.

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