Brains? Brains!

After a laboratory accident, a devastating zombie apocalypse has broken out. A team of fighters is eager to protect the rest of the scientists and researches as they seek to develop an antidote. But the zombies are already on their way...

Zombies offers an interesting and new game concept in which 2 teams compete in an exciting fight. If a zombie dies in combat, he spawns again after a short while. However, if a player dies, he becomes infected in the event and rises from the deaths as a zombie.


Thanks to the intuitive setup, arenas, holograms and items are set up and ready to use in seconds. For that you do not even need to leave Minecraft, but you can configure everything in the game.

Level system

An advanced leveling system offers zombies an interesting way to improve themselves and their own equipment. For each infected opponent, the player levels up, gets better equipment - up to his own horse!

Special effects

A good game is characterized by the atmosphere it conveys. Zombies uses rich sound and graphic effects to enhance not only the gaming experience, but also the look and feel.

1.8 to 1.13
Free support
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