Happy SurvivalGames!

The well-known survival game - now also in Minecraft. Collect equipment, attack enemies, survive. The simple gameplay concept of SurvivalGames offers exciting addictive games - including Battle Royale.

Normal, Quick, Team and Lucky

4 games - In one plugin

Each version of SurvivalGames has extraordinary features and gameplay principles. For each created game, the game type can be individually configured with just a few clicks. You can choose between the normal game mode, a fast game, the team games and the LuckySG, where the odds have to be in your favor.

Unique Features

SurvivalGames introduces features that greatly enhance the gaming experience. For example, it allows spectators of the game to donate a variety of items to their favorite players through earned points.

Easy setup

Setup menu

SurvivalGames offers the possibility to make all configurations. Change the contents of chests or create useful holograms. Everything can be controlled via the intuitive setup menu.


Giving players little extras to collect is a popular way to keep the game interest high. Here SurvivalGames offers a large number of little extras and features that can be purchased in the SurvivalGames Shop for earned points.

1.8 to 1.12
Free support
Language system