Skyblock meets PvP

Skywars was created with the goal of creating a self-contained gaming experience. A very simple goal has been enhanced with unique features and features.


Whether in a team or alone - the goal is always the same. Be the last survivor and defeat your opponents. It does not matter if you defeat your opponents in the classic 1 against 1, throw them off the platform, or think of a clever TNT trap. Only the best players manage to prevail against the opposing teams.


The Skywars game can optionally be extended with versatile kits. Players can expand their collection of equipment with points earned in the game and thus earn a small edge. In addition to the predefined standard kits, you can create your own kits that are made for your map and server.

Kits selbst erstellen

Setup menu

The innovative settings menu lets you create a new game in seconds. Instant TNT, events, special ore drops and adjustable chests are just a few features that can be configured there.

Countless extras

As one of the most advanced plugins, Skywars also has the latest features and extras. This includes the Top10 wall, holograms, sound effects and much more!

1.8 to 1.12
Free support
Language system