Command Permission Description
rg.cmd Allows to execute commands in the arena
/rg list rg.list Lists all games
/rg shop Opens the shop
/rg leave Leave the game
/rg join (Game) Join a game
/rg reload rg.reload Reloads the configuration
/rg add [Game] rg.setup Adds a new game
/rg remove [Game] rg.setup Removes a game
/rg top [NORTH;EAST;SOUTH;WEST] rg.setup Creates a top10 wall
/rg builder [Game] [Builder] rg.setup Sets the builder of a map
/rg setup (Game) rg.setup Opens the setup menu
/rg start (Game) rg.start Starts a game
/rg stats (Player) rg.stats Shows statistics
/rg stop (Game) rg.stop Stops a game Allows to join full games
/achievements Opens the achievement menu
/fix Fixes invisible players
/ping Shows the current ping
/suicide Kills himself
/kill Kills himself
/l Leaves the game
/leave Leaves the game
/hub Leaves the game
/lobby Leaves the game
/shop Opens the shop
/lb Leaves the game
/start rg.start Starts the current game
/stats (Player) rg.stats Shows statistics
/stop rg.stop Stops the current game

Bold commands are only executable in the RageGames arena.