Level up to get better equipment. But watch out! If you are careless and let yourself be defeated, you\'ll lose everything.

Join and leave at any time

The GunGame arenas run continuously and can be entered at any time. Play when you want and how long you want. Your levels and equipment will be saved and restored the next time you enter an arena.

Level system

If you defeat a player in combat, you\'ll level up and get better equipment at the same time. However, if you are defeated, your level will be reset to 1 and you will have to fight your way back to the top.


Easy to configure

Setting the levels has never been so easy! A simple interface allows you to add items and set rewards in just a few clicks.


Infinite arenas

An unlimited number of arenas allows the player to have the greatest possible variety while fighting. Players can switch between arenas at any time while keeping their inventory and their levels.





Free support

Language system