Events like Christmas or New Year are a challenge for a server every year. Here, the Events module supports the administration by adding small gimmicks and features.

Valentine\'s Day

Every year in February, Valentine\'s Day is celebrated. Players on the server can make each other small gifts and are surrounded by love in the air <3.


Easter is the time of egg hunt! Let your players find hidden eggs on the server and give them lots of searching fun in the lobby. They also get an Easter egg from the server, which they can exchange for points.


The probably scariest night of the year gets through the event module a gruesome feeling. Various effects spread a gloomy mood. Of course, players can also play trick or treats with their friends and get small rewards from them.

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Everyone wants a white Christmas and many presents. To make this possible, the module lets it snow in the lobby and gives players the opportunity to make presents to their friends.

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New Year\'s Eve

On New Year\'s Eve it\'s gonna be loud! A countdown counts the seconds to the great moment, accompanied by colorful fireworks.