Command Permission Description
/bw help Shows all commands
/bw Shows important information
bw.cmd Commands can be executed in an arena
/bw list [game] bw.list Lists all games
/bw leave Leave a game
/bw reload bw.reload Reloads the configuration
/bw save [game] bw.setup Saves the map
/bw builder [game] (builder) bw.setup Set the builder of the game
/bw top [north|south|west|east] bw.setup Create a Top10-wall
/bw setjoin [game] [team] bw.setup Creates a new team joiner
/bw setup (game) bw.setup Opens the setup menu
/bw add [name] bw.setup Creates a new game
/bw pos2 bw.setup Sets the second position
/bw pos1 bw.setup Sets the first position
/bw start [game] bw.start Starts a game
/bw stats bw.stats Shows the own statistics
/bw stop [game] bw.stop Stops a game Allows to join full games
vh.hide Access to the Nick-Tool
/ping Shows your ping
/fix Fixes invisible players
/spawn Leave a game
/hub Leave a game
/lobby Leave a game
/lb Leave a game
/l Leave a game
/leave Leave a game
/stop bw.setup Stop the game
/start bw.start Starts the game
/stats bw.stats Shows the own statistics
/stats [player] bw.stats.others Shows the statistics of another player

Bold commands are only executable in the Bedwars arena.