Changes Version 2.7.0

  • Only Minecraft versions 1.13 or higher are supported
  • Added new map voting system
  • Added gold voting
  • Added Speed Bedwars
  • The shop is configurable in-game using /bw shop
  • NPCs can be used as shop
  • World border in the game added
  • Configurable high limit added
  • Added an option for a spawn protection after respawning
  • Added the boss bar as a new display mode for information
  • Added new configurable spawners for diamonds and emeralds
  • Added new command /bw reset to reset a map
  • Neuen Befehl /bw reset hinzugefügt, um eine Karte zurücz
  • Blocks and items change their color in the shop automatically, according to the team color
  • Map reset significantly improved
  • Added new map reset type “NO”, in which Bedwars doesn't reset the map at all
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes
Updated: 28. January 2021