The original

The free Bedwars plugin is the oldest plugin on Mine-Home. From a simple management system for various games, it has evolved into one of the most advanced mini-games with unique features.

Simple game goal, complex game

Destroy the opposing beds, defend your own and defeat the opposing players. A simple game goal, paired with varied extras and a lot of items give the game in the long run a thrilling gaming experience.

Fully automated

The Bedwars plugin manages everything from the initial configuration to restoring the original map after the game. The simple setup of an arena allows the administrator to create a fully functional game in just minutes. And the best? After that he does not have to move a finger anymore.



The Bedwars Shop offers everything the player needs. Resources spawn all over the arena, which players can use to can blocks, weapons and many other items.

Powerful extras

You were beaten off the island? No problem! A rescue platform protects you from certain death. Various extras allow you to gain the upper hand in combat. Even the largest fort has no chance against the mighty gravity grenade.


Various achievements give the player another option to prove himself in combat. Only the best players manage to achieve everyone. Also a Top10 wall pushes players to compete against their friends and rivals and to climb the Top10 wall.


Various graphical displays facilitate the player\'s overview of the player. Short chat messages and a clear ScoreBoard provide a full overview of the current game at any time.


For small servers and large networks

With the integrated BungeeCord and MySQL function, the game connects across all configured servers. It\\\'s easy to sync statistics, achievements and players across the network.





1.13 to 1.16

Free support



Language system

Map voting